Travaux sous-marins


Welcome to our company's website. 

The English version of our website is still under construction. Nevertheless, you will find all the useful information in this summary and in the short video displayed just below.

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Company profile

  • OCTO is a professional diving company founded by Thierry Vanden Eynde and Emmanuel Vanden Borre based on their 25 years of experience.
  • OCTO provides underwater solutions for industries, civil engineering companies, port authorities and waterways.
  • OCTO daily performs underwater interventions in no visibility and/or contaminated environments. 
  •  OCTO is capable to conduct various  inspection, construction, maintenance and demolition tasks.


  • Underwater interventions in industrial environment are our core business. We operate in water treatment basins, water intakes and outlets, tankers, cooling systems, food, drinks and pharmaceutical process, fire protection tanks, sewage, etc.
  • OCTO also assists civil engineering companies for measurements, inspections, concrete pouring, rock or concrete demolition, lifting and positionnement of structures,...
  • Waterways, dams and ports 
  • Ship husbandry
  • Theme parks and public places

Comparative advantages

  • Reduced shut-down time
  • Access to unaccessible places
  • See what is invisible from the surface
  • "out of the box" solutions

Underwater Tasks

  • Inspection: video, thickness measurements, bathymetry, metrology, sample collection, leak and damage detection, buried object detection, ...
  • Construction: assembly, concrete pouring, drilling, welding, anchoring, positioning,...
  • Maintenance: anticorrosion, dammage repair, high pressure cleaning, sludge dredging, reparation of concrete surfaces, sealing,...
  • Demolition: ultra-thermic cutting, ultra high pressure cutting, pyrotechnic or explosive rock/ concrete blasting, explosive cutting, pneumatic and hydraulic demolition.


  • Concrete and rock blasting: explosives or pyrotechnics (P2 category. low noise, vibration and environmental impact)
  • Pyrotechnic anchoring: bolt gun
  • Submerged confined spaces and rope access to the intervention site

Quality and security

  • Our divers are all experienced professionals and are certified from IMCA /IDSA recognized schools.
  • All our standard operating procedures and emergency procedures are written and trained on a regular basis in our 28m deep submerged quarry.
  • We make a triple risk analysis before each intervention: generic, specific and last minute