Underwater Experts

Welcome to our company's website.

The English version of our website is still under construction. Nevertheless, you will find all the useful information in this summary and in the short video displayed just below.

Should you need more information, please send us an e-mail  at info@octo-diving.com


Company profile

  • OCTO is a professional diving company founded by Thierry Vanden Eynde and Emmanuel Vanden Borre based on their 25 years of experience.
  • OCTO provides underwater solutions for industries, civil engineering companies, port authorities and waterways all over Western Europe.
  • OCTO daily performs underwater interventions in no visibility and/or contaminated environments.
  •  OCTO is capable to conduct various  inspection, construction, maintenance and demolition tasks.


    The experienced professional divers of OCTO perform inspection, construction, maintenance and demolition tasks.


    Our Remotely Operated Vehicles can perform inspection tasks were divers cannot go: narrow pipes, depth beyond -60m, hazardous environments,...


    Our teams are also qualified for any rope access task in industrial environment.

    In confined spaces, we combine rope access techniques with our know-how of breathing equipment in order to operate with limitless air autonomy and maximum safety.

    Sectors of activities


    We operate in:
    •  water treatment basins,
    •  water intakes and outlets, 
    • tankers, 
    • cooling systems, 
    • food, drinks and pharmaceutical process, 
    • fire protection tanks, 
    • sewage
    • ...


    • Waterways
    • Ports
    • Onshore/offshore structures
    • Roads and bridges
    • Tunneling
    • ...


    • Merchant ships
    • Tugboats, barges and pontoons
    • Yachts
    • salvage and wrecks
    • ...

    Comparative advantages

    Reduced shutdown time

    Our specialized technicians can save you expensive shutdown time. And of course, you can save a lot of process water with is also good for the environment!

    "Out of the box" solutions

    Your problem is our challenge. We have 25 years of experience to help us developing  creative solutions together with our clients.

    Access to unaccessible places

    We never take any risks, we simply manage them all and make the most hostile places our office.


    Inspection, construction, maintenance, demolition


    Some of our references

    Industrial and community


    • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) underwater inspection inside a tanker
    • Sealing of cooling towers pools
    • Sludge removal 


    • Inspection of HVAC shafts
    • Reparation of the mobile floor of an olympic  swimming pool
    • Fire tank inspections
    • Installation of a water level sensor in an underground tank
    • Removal of a pump in a water treatment basin


    • Bathymetric surveys in water treatment facilities
    • Sludge removal in a water treatment basin
    • Replacement of agitators

    Civil engineering


    • Driving down a 1.000 ton concrete shaft using commercial explosives and 2.000 bar jetting
    • Underwater concrete pouring


    • Railway bridge piles inspection
    • Bathymetric surveys
    • Unclogging of drowned culverts
    • Stabilization of a railway bridge using injections of concrete


    Salvage of a sailboat at the foot of a dam

    Salvage in deep water (-40m) with ROV assistance

    Salvage in shallow water